Next, we'll ask for your contact information including your email address. Our staff, along with myself are very interested in doing our part to conserve paper whenever possible and if you prefer a paper estimate, we're happy to provide one. We'll then schedule an appointment for me, our Master Electrician, to swing by and take a look at your project. There is absolutely no charge for this and you can ask me any questions you wish.

  Sometimes an issue can be repaired on the spot. In that case, I'll let you know of the cost and you can decide if you'd like the service completed at that time. If you choose to go ahead with the work, we would begin the billable time, with a one hour minimum charge. Remember you have me for a whole hour, so make sure you use my expertise the entire time! Do you have a few other issues that you want me to take a look at? I can secure your service panel connections or check your receptacles, switches and lights for any defects. Or just answer some of those questions you may have in the back of your mind.

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  So now, once we have all the information needed, were nearly done. Depending on the size of the project, and how many electricians are needed, you can count on receiving your free estimate within one or two days. Your estimate will include a description of the work, permitting information and an estimated time frame.


  And done! Once you approve your free electrical estimate, just give us a call and we'll book you in. For any larger job, we'll also provide a Service Agreement Contract to ensure you are well versed in the project, costs and terms.  

What to expect with your free electrical estimate

  The difference is in the price. An electrical quote is a firm number and is an agreed upon amount to be paid. It's essential to get a quote on anything over $5 000.00 to ensure a “time and material job” doesn't get out of hand. This ensures that, even if the job takes longer, or shorter for that matter, you are guaranteed to pay the quoted price.  

We take accurate measurements for accurate estimates

Help! I need to find an electrician near me that can provide a free estimate!

 Well you are looking in the right place! Promax Electric Ltd never charges you for an estimate or quote. Wait, estimate or quote? What's the difference? We'll get in to that in a bit, but lets first discuss what to expect when you call us.  

With over 20 years experience in residential and commercial projects, our electrical team is ready to bring your project to life!

Electrician near me free electrical estimate

  When you are looking for an electrician near you it is usually because you are looking for timely service at a good price. We at Promax Electric Ltd look forward to bringing you just that!

  When you call us you'll be greeted with a happy and informative staff. We are always looking for ways to help you save money and understand what services you need. Sometimes we can even fix your problem right over the phone!  

It's essential to get a quote on anything over $5 000.00 

Help! I need to find an electrician near me that can provide a free estimate!

There is absolutely no charge for this and you can ask me any questions you wish.

  An estimate, on the other hand, is just that, an educated guess on the cost of the project. The benefit of an estimate is that it can be provided verbally and usually on the spot. Also, you may end up paying less than a quoted price because if it takes us less time to complete your project.

  So as for me and my family, I'd most likely choose a quote to keep on budget. But, if you have the flexibility and want to save any money possible, go ahead and choose an estimate. We guarantee we will be as near to the original estimate as possible.

  In both cases we pride ourselves on keeping our clients well informed and part of the decision making process to make sure you get the best price in a timely manner.  

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What's the difference between and an electrical estimate and electrical quote and how does it effect me?