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Task lighting provides light directly where you need it. While designing your room take a close look at the areas you will be spending more time. Will you be chopping vegetables? Grooming? Pouring a drink? Settling down with a good book? Bring light directly above any of these areas with hanging pendants or above counter lighting. Try to avoid using ceiling mounted track lighting as they can create shadows or an irritating glare. This layer not only helps you safely perform your daily tasks but also brings depth and beauty to your space.

Accent or directional lighting is the final layer that brings everything together. Do you have architectural features, beautiful cabinetry, artwork or collections you want to show off? This layer is so important in making your room identifiably yours. You can use directional recessed lighting, track lighting as well as specialty lighting to create stunning elegance to your space.

Three Layers of Lighting

Whether you hire a professional interior designer or thrive on being a weekend warrior, the laws of layered lighting are important to consider. There are three layers to examine: Ambient, task and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting or general lighting is the base of your layers. It is important it provides enough glare-less light to allow safe movement about your space. Chandelier's, ceiling fixtures or wall sconces are great choices, but you can also use track lighting or fluorescent fixtures in a commercial setting. Floor and table top lamps also create the light necessary for this application.

Designing with Light:

Three Layers of Lighting

Ambient, task and accent lighting together