Find out when to book your electrical inspection below.

Master electrician electrical inspection
Master electrician electrical inspection
Master electrician electrical inspection
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When do I need an electrical inspection? 

When purchasing a home

Not only will this ensure your homes safety but it can also affect the purchase price.

When a home is 40 years or older.

Older homes were not required to have 100 amp service. Unfortunately, anything below 100 amps would not provide enough power to supply a modern home.These homes may contain knob and tube wiring which is considered a high risk concerning the fire safety of you home.

When adding an appliance.

Some appliances need dedicated circuits, surge protection, data communication or specialty receptacles.

When a home has had a major renovation.

Once an electrical permit is pulled, inspections are mandatory and are provided by your City or area inspector. Hiring Promax Electric Ltd provides you with a master electrician to ensure the latest safety codes are implemented during the electrical installation.

Master Electricians are held to a Code of Ethics by the Safety Codes Council.