Once the necessary data is collected, our master electrician processes a detailed report stating any protections, violations or warnings according to the current electrical code. Your report will also include your electrical system details and photos along with their descriptions to help you make an educated decision whether to purchase, sell or repair. Further more, Promax Electric Ltd. will provide you with a quote for any work that may be needed so you can prepare to bring your project to life!


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What is an Electrical Inspection?

When a Home has had a Major Renovation
Once an electrical permit is pulled, electrical inspections are mandatory and are provided by your City or area inspector. Hiring Promax Electric Ltd. provides you with a master electrician to ensure the latest safety codes are implemented during the electrical installation. You do not have to pay for an additional inspection because it is up to us to make sure the inspection is passed.

When Purchasing or Selling a Home
Electrical inspections not only ensure your home is electrically sound, but they can also affect the purchase price. Say you are interested in purchasing a beautiful 100 year old home. The sellers ensure you that most of the electrical is done and only a few things need to be upgraded. This is the perfect opportunity to secure an electrical inspection so you know what “a few things” can mean. Who doesn't want more purchasing power? And, sometimes this can take a substantial amount off the asking price. This is also true for the seller. Be prepared to answer any question your buyer may have!

When you decide to obtain a complete electrical inspection, you will be greeted by our Master Electrician who is happy to answer any questions you may have. An average size home usually takes from one to two hours to acquire all the necessary photos and test all circuits and electrical devices. Your service panel is thoroughly examined and assessed for hot spots unseen by the naked eye.  


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An electrical inspection is a service provided by the proper authority to ensure your property is electrically safe. Any electrical work that requires a permit is required to have an electrical inspection by municipal authorities and will be specific to the project at hand. This does not include the rest of your home. A full electrical inspection is usually requested by Insurance Companies or Realtors to ensure the entire house is inspected. When you hire Promax Electric Ltd. this service is always provided by our master electrician to make sure you're taken care of by the most qualified electrician in the field.

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electrical inspections ensure your safety.

When Adding an Appliance
Some appliances need dedicated circuits, surge protection, data communication or specialty receptacles. A complete electrical inspection is not normally needed for this but it is always a good idea to get your electrical service panel checked by our Master Electrician to make sure it can handle the new appliance before making that big purchase. We will inform you about what steps, if any, that need to be taken to ensure a smooth installation.

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When a Home is 40 Years or Older
Sometimes a home can go a long time without any work being done and older homes were not required to have a 100 amp service. Anything below 100 amps would not provide enough power to supply a modern home and can cause unwanted disturbances. For example, an electrical inspection can uncover knob and tube wiring in your home which is considered a high risk fire safety concern or insufficient power requirement for you and your family.

What to Expect with Your Electrical Inspection

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