When your place of business is ready for it's annual fire alarm verification, you can rest assure in our extensive experience. We at Promax Electric Ltd. have dedicated a substantial percentage of our time installing and maintaining complex systems to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. 

Commercial electrical distribution panel to supply power;

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Electrical Inspections

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Custom temperature and pump control panel for brewing system;


You will be greeted with genuine care for all your electrical needs and will be pleasantly advised about ways to save money. You will also have access to a certified Master Electrician for your more complex inquires. We promise to always leave the site in the same or better condition as it was at the start of the job. 


Commercial and residential renovations can become overwhelming, and Promax Electric Ltd. is here to help. We will offer advice on how you can save money without compromising the integrity of your job. Our experienced electricians will help you understand any future effects you may have regarding our installation and offer practical solutions through experience based referrals.

When do I need an electrical inspection?

* When purchasing a home.

* When a home is 40 years or older.

* When adding an appliance.

* When a home has had a major renovation.

electrical panel upgrade; electrical service upgrade; before and after electrical; safe electrical; renovation; service change; panel upgrade;
Wire mould light fixture to be disposed of during basement renovation;


If you can imagine it, we can help your project come to life. Promax Electric Ltd. specializes in building custom control panels for any job, whether it be a small hobbie or a sophisticated one of a kind control.

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Kitchen valence or undercabinet lights provides task lighting for countertop;


Your companies safety and appearance is second to none when you choose Promax Electric Ltd. With years of experience, our team is ready for any commercial build, renovation or service that you need. We will get the job done in a timely fashion without sparing the integrity of our work.

Is it time to retrofit your lighting?

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When you have residential work that needs to be done quickly and with an eye for quality, look no further than Promax Electric Ltd. We have the most highly-trained, certified electricians working to ensure that your experience is not only functional but also pleasant and informative.